Welcome to Miss Cuentos

My name is Sara. I´I’m from the Canary Islands. I am a proud mum and I live in Madrid, after living around the world for decades.
I decided to create Miss Cuentos to share many of my passions: children, education, art, books …
Miss Cuentos creates TRUE personalized stories. They are UNIQUE STORIES specially designed for their recipients, children from 0 to 100 year old, schools, companies …
Miss Cuentos reflects its creations in a paper book, on murals, wallpapers, T-shirts and accessories.
Our project stands out for having our own publishing house, which allows us to create fully personalized books, events and workshops.

Our origins

Being pregnant with my first child, I began to share my thoughts and tell a story to that baby who was already listening carefully to his mother. A story that I captured as a mural on the walls of his room. “Your Story” tells the adventures of Alejandro, my first-born and protagonist, who was passing different tests and living experiences based on situations that we shared in the final months of my pregnancy. And so, with the same sensitivity with which he was born, he continued to grow slowly like the most valuable things. Step by step by the rhythm of the growth of my children, kiss by kiss to the beat of their evolution, ideas and stories arose from the chest of dreams, it was the treasure of Miss Cuentos.
With a common denominator: establish a TANGIBLE LINK through personalization.