Personalized Stories

Miss Cuentos is a company which produces personalized stories with the aim of offering a real unique product. A story which exceeds your expectations, because reflects your thoughts through the story and its illustrations.

We can reflect the story in a book and in your room wall. In every way, our aim is to create something unique, personal and tangible, which could remain forever.
The stories we show you here are just examples of what we do. For us, personalizing is not changing a couple of faces and several names in a story that is the same for thousands of people. The stories of Miss Cuentos are eternal, they are small treasures, one of the most precious you would keep at home.
We make unforgettable personalized stories from or for special events (communions, weddings, birthdays)
Stories for the whole family (trips, season meetings)
Stories for schools, teachers and educators who want tools to better transmit to their students.
We are also addressing companies that want to create that special storybook as a claim or presentation of their services.